Lake Tinaroo

For travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Atherton Tablelands is a haven of world-famous national parks, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, rainforests and mountains. Known for its relaxing fresh air, Atherton Tablelands' flora is perpetually lush and green. This makes it a fine destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

One of the best tourist spots in Atherton Tablelands is Lake Tinaroo, which is a known leisure area among Cairns locals. Located 15 minutes northeast from Atherton and holding a small population of approximately 210, Lake Tinaroo's surrounding dam is basically a primary source of irrigation for Atherton Tablelands' farmers. Aside from such functional purpose, the lake is also a perfect and safe place to enjoy different kinds of sports and leisure activities, including windsurfing, camping, hiking, red clawing, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and picnicking.

Things to see and do

With Lake Tinaroo's dense rainforest, scrub, and pine tree plantation, the area is abundant with spectacular birdlife and friendly land animals. The lake is also famed to be the best Barramundi fishing spot in the world, with baby Barramundi filling its waters annually. With such a superb attraction, many fishing gurus and enthusiasts visit the lake to experience the famed Barramundi fish hunting.

Another must-see tourist site in Lake Tinaroo is the Holiday Park, which has been a known attraction in the lake for several years now. The park is situated at the center of Atherto Tablelands, about an hour away from Cairns' inland district. It offers fun-filled and outstanding holiday vacation services to families and travelers alike with its exciting walk trails, excellent boat rides, quality restaurants, fine barbecue and picnic areas, expanded general stores and luxury villas with landscaped swimming pools.

Staying at Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park also has a number of vacation and holiday advantages. With only about an hour’s drive from the buzzing city of Cairns, tourists and backpackers can enjoy the fascinating rural villages that are filled with superb shopping areas, bargain markets, museums, art and craft specialty stores, art galleries and train rides. The park is also near the Great Barrier Reef, making it a suitable haven for travelers who are also diving enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the spectacular freshwater ecosystem of Lake Tinaroo is also a prime spot for tourists who love houseboat rides and inland treks. With dozens of houseboat services within the area, tourists and backpackers can spend their days swimming, cruising, fishing and bushwalking in the exquisite forest surrounding the lake area. The abundant tropical fauna and flora of Lake Tinaroo are also perfect for nature lovers and keen photographers. Aside from the different water activities, tourists and travelers can also watch the various bird species that live on and around the lake's vicinity. 

The magnificent waterfalls and rainforests situated in Lake Tinaroo are also among the must-see areas of the lake. Its pride jewels of water formations include the twin crater lakes of Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham, which both have excellent walking tracks and lake tours. On the other hand, the giant rainforest trees, the Gadgarra giant Red Cedar tree and the Twin Kauri Pines, are also among those that can be found in the forested areas in the lake. These make exploration a popular activity among locals and tourists.

Unlike other popular tourist areas in Atherton Tablelands, staying at Lake Tinaroo is a very affordable since the costs for accommodation, leisure and shopping are considerably cheaper. It is a suitable getaway destination for those who love fishing and exploring, as well as for those who prefer relaxing and soothing vacation breaks. With such exemplary leisure and vacation offerings, Lake Tinaroo is truly among the top tourist attractions found in Atherton Tablelands.