Situated in the southeastern part of Atherton Tableland is Malanda, a quiet, sleepy town that is covered with luscious greens and is abundant with crystals. It is 85 kilometers away from the Cairns proper and about 732 meters above sea level. It was discovered in the late 1800s and has been serving great purpose in Australia's dairy industry. In fact, it houses the world's biggest dairy plants that employ close to 200 farmers. A tour at the Malanda Dairy Center and the adjoining Malanda Dairy Farmer Factory will give you the idea more or less of how this simple town was able to locally produce dairy products that supply not only most of Australia but also other countries in South East Asia and the New Guinea as well. But Malanda is not all about milk and dairy products; it is also home to some of Queenslands most splendid spots.

Malanda is a very small town that will make you doubly impressed because of the fact that it has supported a flourishing tourism industry over the years with such a diverse range of spectacular sights. There is the historical theater, The Majestic, a 1920's building that is still functioning in the present-day, carrying the same old-style canvass sling seats from before. Its interiors are very similar to the one featured on a particular Hollywood movie of the same name, which should tell you that it is an authentic signature of the old Malanda although it has no direct relevance to the movie itself. But just the startling fact that The Majestic has served its purpose for almost a century now is reason enough to make you see it for yourself. How the place is maintained is the wonder that the people of Malanda boastfully hold.


Then there are the rolling hills, lusciously covered in greens, which are perfect spots for outdoor meals you would love accentuated with breathtaking views. They are instrumental in keeping the Malanda's dairy industry rich. This you will soon find out once you take a step on this lush place.

Right on the edge of the breezy town, meanwhile, you will find a rainforest that features an irresistible swimming hole, a splendid bed of Mother Nature's offerings and a platypus-spotting site. This is where taking in the most exciting outdoor activities in all of Malanda is possible. You can either swim, watch the platypuses and turkeys do their thing, have a hearty meal, or just sit around and relax.

On the opposite side of the rainforest is the Malanda Environmental Park, which is a cool site for some plant species, rare, unique and otherwise. Upon entering the park, you will be greeted by a lush view of numerous kinds of trees. You can also find a helpful serving of valuable insights on the geological history that keeps Malanda and the whole of the Atherton Tableland well-supported by exploring the park. The highly knowledgeable tour guides and the interactive visual aids on display relate the story behind Malanda's climate in a fun-filled, exciting way.

If you are fond of walking trails and also have an inner artist, the Malanda Art Trail should be on top of your list. Starting off from the library, the Art trail works through explaining Malanda based on its ancient inhabitants, their struggles, victories, down to the developments it has enjoyed over the course of the last century. Be sure to be keen on studying even the least details on every mosaic though because more interesting facts are hidden in the designs. They are available only to those with a keen pair of eyes, so you better practice yours in identifying these hidden central themes.