Blessed with an innate beauty and intriguing appeal, Australia's Mareeba is a fine tourist spot for those who love to explore nature and wildlife. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this fine Queensland town that is situated in a diverse, rich landscape and tropical tableland. It is also an excellent choice of travel destination for individuals who enjoy viewing exquisite sights and experiencing adventurous activities. With such promising features and attractions, those who will explore the lovely town of Mareeba will surely have a memorable and worthwhile vacation experience like no other.

General information

Mareeba is one of the most popular towns of Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland, Australia. Its name was acquired from an aboriginal word that means "meeting place of the waters." The city of Mareeba is a well-acclaimed Queensland destination among tourists and backpackers.

The history of the place dates back from the early settlement of the Europeans in the area that was headed by John Atherton in 1877. Since the establishment of this settlement, Mareeba turned into a known coach stop on the road from Port Douglas to Herberton. The town eventually became even busier when the railway was established in 1893.

Today, Mareeba, holding a population of more than 8,000, is highly regarded for its farming or agriculture industries. It is noted for its numerous and quality production of mango, lychee, macademia, pineapple, coffee, tea tree, tobacco, poultry and variations of tropical fruits and vegetables. The town is also much-admired for its pleasant climate with sunny and mild mornings, cool nights and low humidity in bay areas. As for tourism, the town is popular for its top historical and recreational sites that travelers and vacationers can visit and explore. With such popularity, Mareeba's flourishing economy is highly attributed to its strong and growing tourism industry.

Things to see

Tourists, most especially nature lovers, enjoy exploring Mareeba because it is considered a virtual Garden of Eden with its bountiful wildlife and exquisite rainforests, savannas and woodlands. One of the most popular sites in the area is the Mareeba Wetland Reserve. Aside from the fantastic 5,000 acre-sanctuary view offered by the site, visitors can also access and photograph the wide array of birds and land animals found in the area.

Meanwhile, the Conservation Foundation is also another famed tourist destination situated in Mareeba.  The place is known for its leading environmental projects, including the reintroducing program for the endangered and exquisite local bird called Gouldian Finch. Tourists and wildlife connoisseurs can spend the whole day exploring the reserve as special treats and activities like canoeing, walking trails, guided-twilight safaris and electric boat tours are offered within the area.  

Another known wildlife attraction located in the outskirts of Mareeba is the privately operated nature park called Granite Gorge. Visitors love the place, for they can see, feed, touch, and photograph the endangered Mareeba Rock Wallaby. Also, the granite boulders of the fissure allow tourists to explore the lovely valleys found below the gorge. The place features swimming holes, camping areas, and picnic sites to accommodate the hundreds of tourists that visit the region every year. Granite Gorge also offers its Emerald Creek Falls and Davies Creek National Park for those who enjoy taking long bush walks and holding picnic activities.

Meanwhile, the Mareeba Wild Animal Park is another must-visit tourist spot in Queensland. The park offers an air-conditioned and comfortable coach ride to an amazing haven of wild animals like leaping lemurs, jaguars, hippos, giraffe, brazen brown bears, monkeys, lions and tigers.  Aside from having vast groups of wildlife, the park is also a prime institution that holds educational and conservation awareness to all tourists and visitors. The park's administration aims to show each visitor the importance of protecting and conserving the survival and habitat of all the endangered animals confined in the site.

Things to do

Apart from the beautiful and exciting wildlife attractions found in Mareeba, the town also features numerous and exciting activities for adventurous travelers. Hot air balloon trips, for instance, are fun and memorable activities that can be experienced only in Mareeba. The town fortunately holds a perfect climate of cool evenings and sunny days combined with arid, clear air, making the place an ideal venue for romantic and breathtaking hot air balloon flights. In addition to these air balloon rides, the town is also a known place to hold other on-air pastime activities such as helicopter tours, skydiving, scenic flights, and charter flights.

Moreover, tourists can also enjoy the go kart rides offered by the international Mako Go Kart Track in Mareeba. Operated by a local multi-millionaire, the fine cart racing site features two racetracks, a helipad, small golf-course, spacious cafeteria and barbecue facilities. Queensland's Mareeba town also has a crocodile farm that is open for those who want to have close encounters with Australia's notorious working crocodiles. In this popular tourist spot, visitors can witness the ferocity and strength of Australian crocodiles during feeding time. Also, museums, shopping malls, theaters and horse riding stables are scattered throughout the town's district.

Mareeba travel tips

When it comes to accommodations, Mareeba holds various selections of lodging alternatives to travel enthusiasts. Tourists can choose from hotels, holiday units, motels, apartments, farm and station stays, bed and breakfast inns, camping grounds, caravan parks, and self-contained cabins. Sports geeks, for instance, can enjoy their stay at Mareeba, for the town is filled with dozens of sporting activities and facilities, including Olympic-sized swimming pools, finely established golf courses and spacious tennis clubs. Furthermore, Mareeba is a prime place for gourmet lovers. Tourists should not miss a visit to the town's superb restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, clubs and cafe establishments that offer superb and delicious selections of local dishes and cuisines. Backpackers can also enjoy Mareeba's fun and educational art galleries and exhibits as well as experience the shire's unique and diverse culture and tradition in its yearly festivals and events.

With its extensive range of exciting activities and wonderful nature spots, Mareeba is one place that tourists visiting Australia should go to.