Millaa Millaa

Australia offers the best of both worlds -- a fantastic inland tour and an equally wonderful coastal cruise. If the Atherton Tableland is the point of no return for the most breathtaking views in all of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is home to the most exciting journeys off the coast. Interestingly, a part of the Atherton region managed to showcase the beauty of both land and water where lots of green gardens, waterfalls and rainforests can be found.

Millaa Millaa is the gateway to the Atherton Tableland but is also near the Great Barrier Reef. It is only an hour and a half ride from Cairns and about 60 kilometers away from Innisfail. A spectacular sight that can not be found elsewhere is the Millaa Millaa Lookout, also popularly known as the Gentle Annie Lookout. From here, you are presented with a splendid 180 degree view that covers the whole of Atherton and the distant Innisfail coasts. This is the perfect place for people with a thing for photography or even for those who don't. There is probably no better way to celebrate the picturesque beauty of Millaa Millaa from the Lookout than showcasing it in luscious, well-taken photos, but then again, the scenic memory that will be kept with you forever is sufficient enough to keep the place close to your heart.

On the flip side, Millaa Millaa is officially the central waterfall circuit not only in Atherton but in the whole of Queensland as well because of the clear mountain waters that cascade dramatically over the volcanic basalt drops, which are off a rich, ancient volcanic past. The Millaa Millaa, the Zillie, the Elinjaa, and the Mungalli Falls are just some of these exciting water landscapes that cover the whole district. These waterfalls are accessible everywhere you may be because you will surely find one at almost every turn. They also offer picnic facilities and parking areas, which ensure a great, hassle-free trip. You can even take a good view of the waterfalls from your car itself because the parking areas double as viewing areas.

Along with the waterfalls and rainforest treasures is a wealthy wildlife composed of interesting species of flowering trees, bushes, birds, and many other land and water animals including possums, forest dragons and frogs. They provide the life of Millaa Millaa. The main street, for example, is uncluttered and a delight to drive through with a spray of different plant species on one side and different bird species in the sky.

Aside from the exceptional natural beauty, there are also a couple of establishments around town that will surely tickle your fancy. The Eacham Historical Museum carries everything about Millaa Millaa's Aboriginal past. It has interesting artifacts, photos, and whatnots on display that will give you a better grasp on the town's history. Different shops that offer goods of all sorts are also must-see. Everything from apparel to house wares to arts and crafts to fresh local produce of organic fruits and vegetables will greet you upon entering the strait of emporiums in the Main Street.

Millaa Millaa is also physically ready to embrace visiting tourists any time of the year with various accommodations offering different amenities, which will surely fit one or all of your requirements. You may want to choose between the homey cottage suites or the luxurious five-star rooms that are showered by tropical beauty depending on your taste and your budget. This allows you to enjoy the delights offered by Millaa Millaa extensively.