Naturally, if you want a generous view of a region, you should go to its highest point. Ravenshoe is that to Queensland. Surpassing Herberton by a comfortable margin of 15 meters, it ranks as the topmost Queensland town -- 930 meters above the sea level. It is not only its high location that Ravenshoe can easily brag about. It keeps an insurmountable display of natural resources that will make you take that two-hour, 147-kilometer drive from Cairns easily.

Ravenshoe's trying history started in 1881 as a generous source of timber. During the early 1900s, the local community started establishing a name for itself in the industry, steadily growing for decades up until the Federal Labor government ruled to allocate Ravenshoe's rainforest lands specifically for World Heritage Listing. This decision has minimized the town's source of income and infused a protest among the locals. However, the government's decision remained unshaken, giving Ravenshoe locals no other option but to feed its tourism by way of enriching the given treasures that it already has. After seriously going around the area, you will surely think that the locals abided by the government's demands. Ravenshoe in the present-day is an illustrious place for a homey, relaxing, and luxurious vacation that will only demand you to spend generous amounts of your time and attention.

The historical Millestream Express, an ancient steam train that travels around Ravenshoe and beyond for a rich tour through the Millestream forests, will give you an exciting bird's eye view of the green treasures the town keeps. Of course, exploring the place is actually more enjoyable when done extensively but it is still a must to ride the train, so you will not miss the feeling of being in Ravenshoe's genuine steam-operated transport. The Millestream Falls is one wonderful spot that deserves deep appreciation as well. It is best visited during the wettest season of the year when it showcases its wildness.


The numerous walking tracks in Ravenshoe offer an attraction for those who just love all sorts of hiking. They may differ in specs but are similarly a pleasure to walk through. The latest addition to this family is the one in Misty Mountains. Highly complex, the Misty Mountain Trail will give you the feeling of being on top of the world.

Like most of the towns in the Atherton region, Ravenshoe also keeps an Aboriginal past, which you can easily discover though the very interesting Information Center. Ravenshoe's Information Center carries the town's rich history, from exciting artifacts that showcases its humble Aborigine beginnings down to its impressive talent display in the present-day. Ravenshoe is proudly an artist's haven filled with numerous craft shops and galleries. The town's creative talent is best defined by a couple of recognitions bagged by its creative writers over the years. Then there is RATS or the Ravenshoe Amateur Theatrical Society, showing more clearly that Ravenshoe keeps a unique talent of timber fellers and creative minds alike.

To fully enjoy the treasures that Ravenshoe possesses, you may take a full-week trip that will bring you even to the farthest corners of beauty that it keeps. There should be no worries about staying in the town for long because unique accommodation is a dime a dozen, out to provide the best things that any visiting tourist would need and want. Romantic and cozy, these accommodations usually offer open fires and decadent treats such as chocolates and comfy king-sized beds that will make you enjoy the stay even more.