If there is one spot in the Atherton Tableland that best features the warm and homey feel of the Australian countryside, it is none other than Yungaburra. Its landscape, which was shaped mainly by numerous volcanic activities of the past, offers an exciting adventure with lots of old buildings, art and craft galleries, cozy restaurants, homely accommodations and earthly creatures. It has plenty of room where artists and explorers can co-exist.

Yungaburra is about 70 kilometers away from Cairns and is in the center of majestic sites like the Lake Tinaroo, the Lake Eacham, the Curtain Fig Tree and the Atherton town. It keeps a rich history that dates back from the late 1800s, providing shelter to various indigenous groups and miners. Just in 2006, Yungaburra suffered greatly from the biggest blow by Mother Nature in centuries, the Cyclone Larry, which affected the rest of the region as well. Most of the establishments and natural treasures that Yungaburra has kept all these years were damaged, but as of today, traces of Larry are almost out of sight. Yungaburra is back to its old, gorgeous self!

Adorable Pristine Sights

Visiting tourists are generally under the impression that the real treat of Queensland is found in the coast. Well, they have not probably traveled the other way yet to the mountains around Cairns that are wonderful sites of pristine environments. Yungaburra carries country home surrounding at its finest with numerous spots that are swoon-worthy, it is even regarded as having the capacity to change the way you previously view Queensland. It is home to many ancient buildings -- 18 to be exact -- that are still functional. Galleries are also everywhere, a treat to artists of all sorts. There is possibly no way that you will run out of places to see and of things to do when you are in Yungaburra.

Tour Around

The picturesque landscape is the backdrop of all activities that can be enjoyed while you are in Yungaburra. The Allumbah Pocket picnic area that is found along Peterson's Creek is great for families who love plain outdoor meals while the Frawley's Pool offers an added attraction of an enjoyable swimming activity. Both these sites can be reached through a trail that is easy enough even for young kids in your family to manage.

The Lakes Eacham and Barrine, which were formed in the volcanic craters, are also must-visit spots with numerous eating and shopping joints surrounding the bodies of water. If you are fond of fishing, do not worry because Yungaburra keeps a place for you, too. The Lake Tinarroo, popularly known as the Tinaroo Dam, offers fishing plus a host of other fun water activities: swimming, sailing, canoeing, and water-skiing. Speaking of water, the Platypus, a water creature endemic to Australia, is easily becoming a major Yungaburra attraction. You may enjoy generous sightings of this semi-aquatic mammal on the Peterson's Creek while eating at any of the creek side restaurants available.

Aside from keeping you close to nature, Yungaburra is also home to a host of outstanding restaurants and motel-style accommodations that are cozy, romantic, historic and luxurious.  You will easily find a wide range of choices -- each has a different way of luring you to a homely, relaxing vacation -- presented before you while you are in town.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Once every month, Yungaburra holds a market where every thing from homemade sweets to unique crafts to homemade pieces of furniture is sold. More than 300 stallholders participate in the Yungaburra Market every last Saturday of the month with goods that are mostly picked from the local produce. This has occurred for the last 26 years, and impressively, visitors' numbers grow continuously. In fact, tourism is the most stable source of income for the 1,000 Yungaburra residents. They are mostly dependent on their regions' natural attractions that are worthy enough for people from all over the country and the world to come for.