Cairns Activities

Cairns is a beautiful place to lie on the beach and soak up some rays, but it also offers the chance to explore and immerse your self in thrilling adventures. It is blessed with nature in the form of lush forests and pristine waters, both teaming with a plethora of plant and wildlife.

It's positioning to the Great Barrier Reef makes it a particularly special place to dive and to receive diving certification. Meanwhile, raging torrents of the inland rivers are well known for the exciting white water rafting.
If you'd rather be above the water then in it, strap yourself to a parachute and fly above the water like an eagle, or plummet full speed towards mountain waters with views of the Great Barrier Reef, rain forest and water falls at the AJ Hackett Bungee Tower.

Whatever activity you wish to partake in, Cairns has an impressive and thrilling offering!


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