Cairns Restaurants

Cairns promises a rich collection of food and drinks. Although this tropical place is more popular because of its beautiful rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns continues to enchant tourists with its wide range of fine delicacies. Aiming to upgrade their image of non-Sydney dining, which was limited to vegemite sandwiches and bush tucker, Cairns has several dining spots that now offer a more diverse menu at very affordable prices.

Cairns hosts numerous restaurants that offer international cuisine, ranging from various Asian dishes to excellent European fares. The place has all the kinds of restaurants that local and foreign tourists may look for -- Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Italian, French, German or Greek dishes. However, many vacationers still prefer local foods; as such, many Cairns restaurants specialize in native dishes like seafood and kangaroo burgers. For some foreign diners, there might be some localized cuisines that they may have never heard of. Local menus would often offer riberry, quandong, or wattle seed. These foods may sound exotic at first, but food experts suggest trying them out just for the sake of experience or inquiring the waiter for some food recommendations.

Situated all over Cairns are more than 200 excellent restaurants, most of which are located beautifully, overlooking The Esplanade seafront. It is on this side of Cairns where the scenery is magnificent, making eating a more enjoyable and relaxing activity. There are also other restaurants located in nearby rainforests that provide an equally relaxing place for guests after their wildlife excursion. In these restaurants, eating is complemented by a special mood of the Aboriginal world through music, unique storytelling sessions and cultural performances.

Among the more notable Cairns restaurants is The Red Ochre Grill Restaurant. This downtown Cairns dining spot specializes in native Australian cuisines, which appeal to both local and foreign diners. These native recipes use mainly fruits, vegetables, meats and fishes that are produced in Australia.

Clifton Capers, on the other hand, offers interesting treats with their Fish-of-the-Day special. Guests may take advantage of the fresh, well-cooked and much recommended seafood cuisines. Clifton Capers menu also features German delights and a slew of homemade pastas cooked and served in the finest manner.

There are no other perfect companions to these delectable Cairns cuisines than the best local wines. Cairns offers world-renowned wines, which are mostly produced within Queensland. Among the popular Cairns wines are Woongooroo Estate's Semillon Chardonnay and those made by Murdering Point Winery.

For people who like beer more than wine, Cairns has several pubs that offer the best beers. Drinking enthusiasts may visit these pubs to take a glass or two of the excellent beers in the entire Australia.


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