Possessing an unadulterated and vibrant beauty, Cooktown is a small town in the tropical North Queensland that constantly attracts tourists from all over the world. Having withstood successive blows from cyclones and other natural calamities, Cooktown still maintains its unspoiled and lush beauty. Offering a serene and tranquil environment, Cooktown certainly is a heavenly refuge situated right here on Earth. James Cook, who discovered this far off tropical land in the Northern region of Australia, has painted such a lucid image of Cooktown with his words upon sighting it: "... it was happy for us that a place of refuge was at hand; for we soon found that the ship would not work, and it is remarkable that in the whole course of our voyage we had seen no place that our present circumstances could have afforded us the same relief.” Cooktown served as a refuge for the shipwrecked European explorers during that time. And up to this very day, Cooktown still remains a refuge to detoxify your body from the stress-inducing urban jungle known as the metropolis. With Cooktown's tranquil and unrivaled charm, you would surely find out, once you set foot on this place, why James Cook became so inspired to utter such words.

It was in 1770, during one of their arduous journeys, that James Cook and his crew realized that their ship had sustained serious damage during the course of their expedition. Anxious and desperate to find a safe place to dock their ravaged ship, which was named His Majesty's Bark Endeavor, James Cook stumbled upon a lush tropical island on the northern tip of the Australian continent. The island was then inhabited by the local Aboriginal Guugu Yimithirr tribe that witnessed Cook's approach to the island. Cook and his crew spent 48 days on the island to execute repairs on the ship and to replenish their supplies. Joseph Banks, a scientist, and naturalist Daniel Solander who hails from Sweden were also part of Crook's crew. While the rest of the crew were preoccupied with repairing the H.M. Bark Endeavor, Banks and Solander busied their selves collecting and documenting a variety of new species of plants with their artist companion, Sydney Parkinson, tasked to illustrate these apart from illustrating the Aboriginal people. A few weeks later, Banks was able to establish first-hand contact with the local Aboriginal inhabitants of the island and in the process, was able to record an estimate of 50 Guugu Yimitihir words.

Attractions and Activities

Cooktown's serene environment and luscious tropics truly delight many visitors from different parts of the world. Presently, an average of 60,000 tourists flock the shores of Cooktown to experience its unparalleled beauty. A multitude of various activities are also offered to compliment your exquisite Cooktown experience. Amidst Cooktown are two rivers, the Endeavor and the Annan, both teeming with vibrant freshwater life offer you a unique and memorable fishing experience.

Meanwhile, the Lakefielf National Park, the McIvor River, the Princess Charlotte Bay and the Great Barrier Reef are all situated within the immediate proximity of Cooktown, which simply means that you will have a complete fishing experience within a day. If you are the kind of person who loves to dwell on history and nostalgia, then the Interpretive Tours will surely suit you. This tour takes you on the same route that James Cook followed when he discovered this heavenly piece of land along the Endeavor River. This two-hour cruise lets you see the exact magnificence that James Cook witnessed as you peacefully commune with nature. Keep your eyes peeled as you make your way through 25 species of mangroves, for you may witness a plethora of wildlife right before your very eyes. Local bird species of pelicans, herons, egrets, jabirus and brahiminy kites also grace the tropical skies. As the Great Barrier Reef's neighboring ecosystem, it would be highly possible to have a croc sighting that surely is one of the highlights of this tour. Indeed, a trip to Cooktown never fails to illicit "ooh's" and "aah's" from its guests.