International Space Station Visible Over DC Wednesday

WASHINGTON, DC — The International Space Station will be visible from the ground as it flies over the D.C. area Wednesday morning.

ABC 7’s Eileen Whelan reports that the ISS will fly overhead at 5:28 a.m. and will be visible for four minutes. You will be able to see it in the south-southwest sky, and it will disappear to the east.

Clear skies will make for easy viewing — not only for the ISS, but also a full moon and Jupiter, which will also be visible in the sky.

The ISS was first launched into orbit in 1998, and the last pressurized module was fitted in 2011. It will be used until 2028. The ISS is the largest man-made object put into low-Earth orbit and it can be seen with the naked eye from Earth.

Heads up… literally! You can see the @Space_Station fly overhead at 5:28am. Check out the just past full moon & Jupiter while you’re outside looking up, too!— Eileen Whelan (@ABC7EileenW) May 1, 2018

Image via NASA

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