Outback and Gulf Savannah
Experience the epic Gulf Savannah region. Australia's pristine wilderness.

Attractions include museums, art galleries, parks, gardens

Gulf Savannah

The vast land area of the Gulf Savannah stretches from south west of Revenshoe in the Atherton Tablelands to the western part of the Northern Territory border adjacent to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Covering an estimated 186,000 square kilometers of the expansive North Queensland land, the Gulf Savannah boasts of lavish wild life amidst its radiant grasslands. Amidst the Gulf Savannah are some unique features that adventure-craving visitors will hold to their delight. Its rugged and unpredictable terrain marked with intermittent bodies of water that vary from creeks to rivers provide an array of dormant adventure opportunities.  The Gulf Savannah entices guests with its unspoiled safari environment coupled with perpetually changing landscapes and remarkable World Heritage sites. With its lush safari setting juxtaposed with its serpentine rivers, there is no doubt why the Gulf Savannah enjoys an estimated 80,000 visitors annually.

Harboring an array of various exploration spots, the Gulf Savannah significantly holds tons of surprises for eager visitors and bona fide thrill seekers. Enthusiastic visitors who crave for an authentic outback adventure may want to try out the lengthy Gulf Savannah route. The arduous route within the Gulf Savannah takes you to a plethora of amazing locations that are both pleasing to the eyes and serve as windows to Australia's glorious past.


Just a short distance away from the Gulf Savannah's starting point lies the Undara Volcanic National Park which possesses the largest 190,000-year-old lava tube system. This intricate lava tube system is also the only one of its kind around the world. Moving farther west, you will stumble upon Mount Surprise that boasts of an abundance of stone deposits such as quartz, cairngorm, spinel, garnet, topaz and aquamarine that is ideal for fossicking. The abundance of such uncommon stones and minerals can be attributed to Mount Surprise's location. Mount Surprise is situated on the border of an immense lava flow that was produced by an ancient volcano found in the south-east; hence, uncommon stones are usually spotted in this area.

From Mount Surprise, you are presented with two paths to choose from: you could either turn south to view old mining towns, Einasleigh and Forsayth; or move north-west to visit the Elizabeth Creek Gem Field that exhibits a multitude of Topaz deposits. If you opt to move straight ahead, you can find yourself amidst a mystical gorge known to many as the Cobbard Gorge. This area also features a delightful cruise along the river banks. Beyond the western side of the Cobbard Gorge, you can gain access to the town of Croydon. Croydon, a town that used to house 5000 gold mines, features a variety of antiquated historic sites that serve as a looking glass through North Queensland's past. If you move further towards the west, you will be arriving at Normanton, which used to be a port utilized by the town of Croydon during the gold rush era. In this port, you can engage in Barramundi fishing which is quite prominent in this area.

Alternatively, avid explorers may want to try the Themed Tourism Route in the Savannah Way. This path passes through 15 scenic National Parks and 4 remarkable UNESCO Heritage Sites. The Savannah Way's route is generally composed of a sealed road; however, there are also sporadic rough roads along the way if you opt to take a 4 wheel drive adventure across the wilderness. The Savannah Way is truly a memorable expedition across the massive northern part of the Australian continent and would further enhance your holistic Australian outback experience. This travel itinerary will be fully implemented in the near future as it is still under progressive development.

With its wonderful outback setting, the Gulf Savannah truly is your passport to one epic adventure.