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Palm Cove

Palm Cove exudes a distinct beauty that combines the enigma of the rainforest and the greatness of Great Barrier Reef.  Showcasing beaches covered in white sands and lined with tall coconut palms, the warm Palm Cove features an ocean that attracts vacationers from both Australia and other countries all year round.  The tropical sunlight and the soothing atmosphere provide the best getaway time for tourists; hence, Palm Cove holds the distinction of being one of the best beach in the world.

The world-class Palm Cove beach resort is just a half-an-hour drive from Cairns International Airport.  Guests won't have a hard time visiting Palm Cove as bus rides and rented cars are available around the area.  Also, the resort is near two international resorts, solo apartments and backpacker hostels.  All accommodation necessities are just walking distance from the beach, so vacationers won't have to worry about anything as they visit the place.

Palm Cove promises an excellent holiday destination for the entire family. The relaxing ocean breeze and the spectacular scenery provide a comforting atmosphere to tourists as they lay back on the sand and forget about all their worries. The fantastic shore serves as a site to numerous leisure activities. Tourists may lie on the sand to have a perfect tan, walk by the coastline to enjoy the magical view, stay under the coconut palm shade for a friendly chat, or take a dip in the tranquil waters.  All over Palm Cove, there are lifeguards and securities constantly patrolling to ensure that guests are safe while they enjoy their leisure time.

Palm Cove also serves the best cuisines with plenty of cafes, bistros and restaurants offering the finest dishes. Visitors may choose from the diverse food selections featuring the best Australian fares consisting of meats, seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits. What's more, the dining spots not only offer excellent treats but also the perfect eating atmosphere; vacationers usually prefer eating with a view of the beachfront, while others like eating amidst the tropical garden underneath the stars.

Palm Cove also boasts of a night scene that visitors look forward to. As the sun sets, the area is packed and the 18 fine bars and restaurants are filled with good food and great music. Several cocktail bars are situated as well across the resort that serve as venues for people to enjoy a few nice drinks and meet new friends. For other night entertainment activities, there are must-sees such as the Nightclub, Surf Lifesaving Club and the Tavern with its TAB and pool tables; all of these nightspots are open till the early hours of the morning.