Bedarra Island

Bedarra Island can fulfill anyone's dream of running away from worries and escaping from the busy urban life. Located about ten kilometres east of Tully heads and situated in the middle of Family Islands group, this remote paradise provides a getaway for tourists who want to just lay back and have a great time. In fact, within this 247-acre paradise are beautiful places and exciting activities that a vacationer cannot find anywhere else in the world.

The magic of Bedarra Island has attracted several tourists from all over the world. Its geographical location makes the island near enough for tourists to access and at the same time, far enough to provide a secluded atmosphere. This vacation ambiance appeals very much to newlyweds who want to spend some private time together. 

Bedarra may be visited by taking a 45-minute flight from Cairns to Dunk Island or by a boat transfer from Cairns Mission Beach to Dunk Island.  Once reaching Dunk Island, a 20-minute boat transfer is available daily going to Bedarra Island. Finally, upon arriving at Bedarra, tourists may take a few-minute drive going to their chosen hotel and beach resort.

Available at Bedarra are plenty of accommodations, all promising world-class services at affordable costs.  Most of these hotels are situated in a place with a great view of the ocean. They also provide rooms, which are spacious enough to accommodate big families.  Each room provides a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom and toilet, an entertainment room with a big television, DVD player, phone and Internet-ready computer.

Aside from the nice accommodations, Bedarra Island provides vacationers with numerous enjoyable activities. The inviting waters alone serve as site for swimming, sailing and paddle skiing. The ocean is also gifted with a diverse marine life; hence, vacationers may do some fishing.  If the aforementioned activities are not enough, Bedarra Island is perfect for snorkeling and diving treats available for tourists who want to explore the magnificent underwater scenery, specifically the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. Meanwhile, for those who want to go around and see the charm of the Bedarra shore, there are available trips aboard motorized boats. Tourists will be able to explore the beaches, other neighboring islands, and the birds that fly over the Bedarra sky.

When leaving the coastline, there are other fun activities that are still worth trying out. There are plenty of sports centers offering different sporting activities. Guests may try golfing on a fine 18-hole course, playing tennis, horse riding, trekking, parasailing and sky diving. There are also wellness centers for those who want to lie down and relax. These centres offer the best and most comforting spas, massages, facials and body wraps. Indeed, Bedarra has got it all in terms of adventure and indulgence.

After getting tired from these activities, there are fine restaurants where vacationers may wine and dine. Most of these restaurants boast of the most delectable cuisines a la carte. Meals are guaranteed to be delicious, nutritious and most of all, affordable. Bedarra Island possesses a magic that is hard to resist. After spending a night or two on this beautiful island, one will never forget the experience. Truly, Bedarra casts a spell that makes guest return time and time again.