Double Island

People who want to be enchanted with the beauty of nature must come to Double Island where everything seems to exist as magic. From the clear waters of the island resort and fine, white sands to the rainforest canopy and the vibrantly colored coral reef, the Double Island is truly a magical place that entices even the most stubborn traveler. Aside from the natural wonders of this island, people also come often because of the many developments in the area such as the facilities that only island visitors are privileged to use.

Attractions and Activities

Though a small island in the middle of the Australian waters, the Double Island shows to people that there is a lot more to see. Among these is the spectacular view when the sky's color dances from orange to pink, signaling that the sun is setting. Once darkness starts to envelop the island, visitors go to the restaurant or just stay in their rooms and do anything under the moonlight.

Though the night life is something that many look forward to, day time is equally entertaining because people get to do almost everything under the sun, including diving, swimming, snorkeling, boating, or simply strolling along the beach. After such activities, people may even opt to shop around the island; they can hop from stall to stall to discover some unique island souvenirs.

In the Double Island, dining and eating are other activities that people love to do. This place boasts of a romantic restaurant where people can have an afternoon chat while they watch the sunset or observe other island visitors. Indeed, there are more to discover about this island but those are for the visitors to find out.


From the ordinary apartments and lodging houses to the exclusive honeymoon suites, the accommodation in the Double Island offers both privacy and luxury combined. All types of accommodation in the Double Island are air-conditioned, making this island blissfully comfortable to all visitors.

There are two types of accommodation in the Double Island: the Garden View Rooms and the Apartments. The former is the more exclusive and expensive type of lodging and offers 10 moderate-sized bedrooms furnished with private balconies and marble bathrooms, simply perfect for a honeymoon getaway. The latter, on the other hand, is quite affordable, especially for groups of visitors. The apartments have 10 relatively large bedrooms with luxurious lounges, dining areas and exclusive bathrooms. This type of accommodation is ideal for the entire family because it is more spacious and way cheaper.

The Double Island: Australia's Pride

The Double Island is truly a pride of Australia when it comes to tourism because it offers great things, both natural and man-made wonders. These gifts are actually the main reasons behind the popularity of this island among local residents and foreign tourists. But above all, the Double Island gives people the opportunity to unwind for a while, forget about their problems and rejuvenate, things that people may not be able to do in their spare time or in other so-called tourist destinations.