Dunk Island

Dunk Island holds a magical beauty that exemplifies a journey to the paradise. This enchanting island lies four kilometres in the eastern coast of Australia opposite the Mission Beach town of Queensland. This 2,500-acre vacation spot is merely composed of hill ranges, which are almost parallel with the main range of the coast. Its geographic feature and location account for the favorable tropical climate that goes all year round in the island.


Dunk Island has more than a 200-year old history, dating back to the indigenous times. The island was originally named by the indigenious Australians as Coonanglebah, which means "The Island of Peace and Plenty". It was in 1770, however, when Captain Cook gave the island its European name after George Montague-Dunk, the second Earl of Halifax.

Today, Dunk Island enjoys a recognition of being among the primary tourist destinations in Australia. Since Dunk is just four kilometers from the coast of the tropical north Queensland, between Cairns and Townsville, tourists will have an easy time visiting. As a matter of fact, Virgin Blue and Qantas Airlines provide regular flights from any main Australian city going to Cairns. Meanwhile, for those who want to travel by land, Queensland trails provide two Tilt Trains and three Sunlander trips from Brisbane going to Cairns. It is in Cairns where the trip to Dunk Island begins, either on a 45-minute Hinterland Transfers flight or on a two-and-a-half-hour boat trip from Mission Beach.


Upon arriving at Dunk Island, there are plenty of excellent hotels that offer the finest and most affordable accommodations. Almost all the rooms and suites provide clear and spectacular views of the ocean. The Bayview Suites, for one, offers a wide view of the Brammo Bay since the hotel is situated closely by the beach. The Beachfront Rooms, on the other hand, have patios and balconies that lead directly to the shore.

For those who are looking for the best rooms, most hotels offer the best lodging amenities. The Garden Bananas have comfortable rooms with classic wooden furniture; the rooms also have separate showers and mini-bars. The Banfield Rooms, on the other hand, offers room blocks that are situated near the beach, resort facilities and the central complex. The rooms are very spacious so families would find it easy to fit.  In fact, there is one big bed and two other smaller beds for the comfort of guests. 

Dunk Island promises a slew of healthy and enjoyable activities to its guests. A walk in the rainforest or a hike to the top of Mount Kootaloo to see magnificent views may serve as morning exercises. Upon reaching the adventure mood, tourists may get into action by trying the warm, pristine waters. Dunk Island beaches allow the entire family to do several fun activities in the water. Vacationers may choose from a wide array of water adventures like water skiing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and diving. Most of the resorts provide gears and facilities for whatever water activity that the guests choose to do. 


Dunk Island also provides numerous facilities for sports enthusiast. For golfers, the island has a golf course, which has 18 holes. The golf course has affordable fees for the entrance and equipment rentals. For tennis fans, there are tennis courts all over the island that have great facilities and reasonable rental fees. Vacationers may spend the entire afternoon chasing a green ball and hitting it with a racket. Finally, both amateur and professional equestrians may take advantage of the numerous horseback riding treats. All in all, Dunk Island promises the best sporting experience for those who want to get into action.