Fitzroy Island

An Australian getaway is never complete without visiting the Fitzroy Island. Known to many as one of Australia's prides, Fitzroy Island is among the 600 high islands near the Great Barrier Reef. Like other islands, Fitzroy Island was once an Australian mainland before the waters rose and separated this beautiful paradise.

Today, Fitzroy Island stretches up to 339 hectares and is covered by lavish rainforest and greenery. This island is now a portion of the so-called Inner Barrier of the famous Great Barrier Reef. Being a part of this reef means that the Fitzroy Island is under the protection of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, which is among the world's natural wonders.

Attractions and Activities

What separates Fitzroy Island from the other islands is the array of must-see attractions in the island. Since this island is just a 45-minute drive from the city of Cairns and is situated near the Great Barrier Reef, people can expect to see the many must-see underwater species. As a matter of fact, the colorful schools of fish and dancing corals are two of the main reasons behind the popularity of this island among diving and non-diving enthusiasts alike. On the other hand, the island also features wildlife very rich in different animal and plant species. In fact, 96 percent of the Fitzroy Island is considered a National Park.

Aside from the natural attractions, Fitzroy Island offers many activities that everyone can do, including swimming, beach trekking, sand bathing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayaking. Beach volleyball, for one, is a choice of sport that many people love to do in this island. But more than the recreational entertainment, the island also provides people the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment by strolling along the beach or simply trudging along the island's walking tracks.

Accommodation and Transportation

In Fitzroy Island, accommodation varies in two types: the beach bunkhouses and the beach cabins. The former is a hostel type of lodging, situated under the canopy of palm trees and can accommodate up to four people. Ceiling fans and the fresh cold breeze are usually the main sources of ventilation in this kind of set-up. Because beach bunkhouses require only relatively simple furnishings and are thus being offered for lower prices, those who have a tight budget can take advantage of this kind of accommodation. On the other hand, the beach cabin kind of accommodation is a more expensive type because it covers lots of amenities such as television or coffee-making machine. Beach cabins are also more spacious than beach bunkhouses, so these cabins are the best options for the whole family.

After making a reservation, people must make sure that they know how to reach the Fitzroy Island. Actually, going to this island is easy. Just a 45-minute ride from Cairns, this wonderful paradise is readily accessible to vacationers eager for some unwinding. But to prevent hassles and to fully enjoy the Fitzroy Island getaway, reconfirm booking at least a day before the travel date; upon arrival, an option to pay the Fitzroy Ferry Levy is also available.