Green Island

A 27-kilometre ride from Cairns, the Green Island is situated within the bounds of the popular Great Barrier Reef and exists as among the tourism magnets of Australia. This destination is a must-see to all tourists because it is mostly a coral area, which is surrounded by such a magnificent reef. But of course, in Green Island, there are more attractive features that await visitors.

Indulging experiences to have in the Island

The Green Island offers many great things and fabulous experiences for all visitors. The foremost reason for people to go to this island is the spectacular beach resort where they can simply lounge around and while away their vacation moments. Pristine waters, fine white sands and relaxing views of Green Island makes this place perfect for all families, couples or even busy single people who want to rejuvenate themselves.

Aside from the beach, people also visit Green Island for several purposes. Diving enthusiasts, in particular, adore the diving site that this island exclusively offers; unique aquamarine life, colorful schools of fish and healthy coral reefs are more than enough reasons for divers and even non-divers to come to this island often. Other than the natural underwater treasures of the Green Island, vacationers also enjoy the facilities in the area, including the spa, private pool and shops.

Green Island is, indeed, a paradise amidst the Australian waters and people can do more than just sight-seeing around the area. Because of this place's remarkable aquamarine life, diving is people's most favorite activity. But those who want to relax with nature can trudge the island's walking tracks, which lead to the island's rainforest. Canoeing, boating, surfing and snorkeling are also other activities that people most enjoy in the Green Island.

The Green Island is such a wonderful destination because it offers lots of activities not only for a single person but also for all the members of the family. With what the island has to offer, it is advised to never forget to mark this island as one of your priority destinations.


There are different luxury suites in the Green Island, but basically, the suites are categorized into two: the reef suites and the island suites. The former is a 66-square-meter luxury suite, which contains a cozy lounge area, a private balcony, and a separate shower room. This suite is situated just under the charming rainforest canopy, making it an ideal room for romantics. The latter, on the other hand, is a 56-square-meter suite, which has a separate shower room, a private balcony, and a capacity of two to three adults and two children. This kind of luxury suite is perfect for the whole family.

Indeed, from those luxury suites to the island's diving sites, exciting activities, and other exotic offers, Green Island is definitely the place to be.