Haggerstone Island

Haggestone Island promises a more private and intimate vacation experience to tourists. The small uninhabited island provides a tranquil shelter contrary to the jam-packed accommodations in most island resorts around the Great Barrier Reef. Haggestone Island lies 600 kilometres on the northern direction of Cairns and a few miles away from the mainland coast of the Great Barrier Reef. As a matter of fact, the cast-away location of this island offers a natural and remote, Robinson Crusoe-type of adventure.


Haggerstone was originally an uninhabited jungle island. Development began in 1985 when a couple named Roy and Anna Turner came to the island aboard a big barge with chickens, timber, poles, fruit trees and a tractor. The Turner couple spent the following six years building a secluded home and remodeling the whole island. Since then, Haggerstone had been frequented by vacationers.

Haggerstone Island holds the distinction of being among the unique tourist destinations in Australia.  Since the island is just too small, a limited number of tourists are only allowed to visit the area. This vacation spot appeals very much to travelers looking for a quite and secluded place. The small island complex is covered in tropical woods, orchards, gardens, dams and corals. The wilderness environment provides a secure natural habitat to various species or birds and fishes. Vacationers may tour the woods to experience the hidden beauty of Haggerstone Island.

Getting there

The island is easily accessible to many tourists. The trip will begin with a private charter flight from Cairns going to Hicks Island. The flight will take two hours and will give passengers an aerial view of different spectacular places like the coastline, Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. Then, from the Hicks Island, tourists will take a 20-minute boat ride to Haggerstone.

Upon reaching the island, tourists will find Haggerstone as a perfect place for a leisure getaway. There is the big main building, which provides a native open-house style for guests who would like to spend the night. The open sides of the building allow the cool ocean breeze to come in. What's more, the beach is just a stones thrown away; hence, a beautiful ocean view will greet every vacationer as morning breaks. 


In Haggerstone, there are three other native guest huts, each big enough to accommodate four people. Each guesthouse has its own kitchenette, bathroom, toilet and sun deck. Room cleaning and laundry are provided every day, although no maids or household helps are available. The guesthouses don't have televisions, phones, computers or even mirrors, but the set-up generally gives a remote and secluded feel for guests.


Like other favored destinations, Haggerstone Island allows vacationers to do several fun and adventurous activities that involve nature.  Guests may start their morning lightly by watching numerous birds above the sky and on the shore. The remote island harbors various beautiful bird species like colored pigeons, eagles, sunbirds, honeyeaters, finches, kingfishers, pittas and jungle fowls. There are also bar-shouldered doves that visit Haggestone by the dawn and make enchanting soft coos.

Likewise, the Haggerstone waters may be enjoyed by vacationers as soon as the sun comes up.  Guests may take a dip in the warm ocean, which can soothe the mind and body of an individual. The ocean is also gifted with diverse marine life; hence, fishing is among the popular water activities. Any type of fishing is allowed in Haggerstone, may it be rod fishing, spear fishing, fly fishing, reel fishing, reef fishing, ocean fishing or river fishing. After all, the waters are rarely disturbed since there are no other people living within a hundred-mile radius.    

Since Haggerstone has great underwater scenery, snorkeling and skin diving are also very popular. Beneath the pristine waters lie many alluring coral gardens and old shipwrecks with huge anchors, metal keel bolts and winching blocks. Tourists will get to witness these hidden beauties as they go underwater. Haggerstone Island truly ensures that vacationers will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.