Lizard Island

Lizard Island. Situated 27 kilometers near the North Queensland coast and 240 kilometres at the northern side of Cairns, Lizard Island is among the most sought-after beach resorts in Queensland, Australia, and is a part of the well-known Great Barrier Reef. This 1,013-hectare island is also considered National Park in the country, offering 24 fine beaches and one spectacular lagoon. Truly remarkable in all respects, this Australian island offers a lot of must-see places and must-have souvenirs to all local and foreign visitors.

Must see Places

A natural wonder, the Lizard Island boasts of many features and must-see places to all visitors. First off are the beach resorts where people can simply relax and rejuvenate. The fine white sand plus the cold breeze at beach resorts give people a chance to enjoy their vacations out in the sun, while the crystal clear waters simply make people forget about their problems. Aside from these, the colorful underwater world is something that divers have to witness for themselves; schools of radiantly colored fish and vibrant coral reefs are usually the main reasons for divers or even non-divers to come to this island often.

Must do activities

Since this unique island is a part of the Great Barrier Reef, the number one activity appealing to both locals and tourists is diving. Seeing the wonderful aquamarine life is like seeing a spectacle that one can never see on land. That is why divers from across the globe always make sure that the Lizard Island is among their diving destinations every time they want to explore the underwater world. On the other hand, those who are not fond of going into the deep ocean can simply enjoy the shallow waters of the Lizard Island by snorkeling, which equally offers a fantastic look into the world beneath the island.

Aside from the aforementioned activities, families can enjoy their stay in the island by going on picnics, sailing, fishing or bush-walking. Outdoor sports, such as volleyball, are other activities that groups might like to partake in. Meanwhile, those who go to the Lizard Island alone can also enjoy their stay with the serenity and rejuvenation that simple pampering treatments at luxurious spas can bring.


Lizard Island has many cottages and lodging houses where families, friends, couples, or even single people can stay. Usually, the accommodations in this island are located at the beach front or just around the beach so that people can enjoy the spectacular sunrise when they wake up in the morning or the sunset while they relax in the afternoon.

But to fully enjoy their stay in the island, people must make sure that they have previous reservations before going to this destination. Reservations can be made over the telephone or via the Internet.

With the great places to see and the unique finds in the Lizard Island, people are eager to come to this island every time they want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. But more than the recreational offerings of Lizard Island, people are awed by the island's natural beauty, which is the main reason that this island is among the best destinations in Australia.